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A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin

Being both a young, avid reader who enjoys fantasy, and, well, a multi-fandom tumblr blogger, it's actually somewhat awkward that I haven't read this yet. However, after being liberated of both my senior year and Infinite Jest, I have finally found time to dedicate to another massive book. Woo!

To be able to enjoy GoT, one must completely immerse themselves in the setting and story. Fortunately, this isn't difficult to do, since George R.R. Martin is extremely good at using minute details to create a believable fantasy world. Unfortunately (but not really?), this particular fantasy world seems like a most unpleasant place to live. This world is cruel (and extremely sexist), but provides the perfect gritty backdrop for the epic adventure within. Still, there are many parts that are quite uncomfortable to read- and George R.R. Martin most definitely does not shy away from uncomfortable.

GoT employs the use of multiple perspectives, which is effective in worldbuilding, but is also effective in interrupting the flow and buildup of the individual plotlines. Although this is probably intentional, much of the buildup at the end of chapters dissipates by the time the character's perspective returns. Although the author is extremely skilled in creating a great cliffhanger, it sometimes feels like a waste, since we can forget why we should care by the time the character is revisited.

Since GoT already has an established reputation (on tumblr, at least), of being a series in which it is a bad idea to get overly attached to characters since your favourites will invariably get killed off, I was reading with a great sense of apprehension. At this point, I guess that there isn't much to do but to read onwards (and maybe start watching the TV series too)...