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Coraline - Neil Gaiman Coraline was the second Neil Gaiman work that I've read, the first being Stardust when I was in the eighth grade. It probably wasn't the best order to read Gaiman's works in, the 'adult fairytale' coming before the 'children's fantasy/horror story', but nevertheless, I really enjoyed Coraline and may give 'Stardust' another chance in the future.

This story is about a young girl named Coraline Jones who is bored. Her parents are very focused on their work lives, which leaves Coraline a lot of time to explore and talk to her various strange neighbours. There is also a curious door in her drawing room that usually opens up to a brick wall. However, making a later attempt at getting through, she finds a world that is strangely similar to her own. In this world, her parents seem loving and dedicated, and would like to keep her under their watchful creepy button eyes forever. When Coraline returns to her own world, she finds her parents gone; taken prisoner by her terrifying 'other' mother. Coraline summons her bravery, and with the help of a talking cat and a stone, plays a terrifying game with the other mother to free her actual parents and other prisoners.

I really liked Gaiman's writing style in this book. It isn't elaborate or wordy, but manages to convey the story and entice readers of all ages.

Overall, I this was a book that I definitely enjoyed reading. I loved the creepiness of the other world, and I loved the bravery and tenacity of young Coraline.


Entertainment value: 5/5
- this book was engaging and kind of creepy

Writing quality: 4.5/5
- as I said before, it wasn't wordy or elaborate, but it was great for this story

Characters (development & depth): 4/5
- Coraline was a great heroine, who is very brave and easy to root for. I loved the character of the creepy 'other mother' who displays a wide range of emotions and is a complex and fascinating antagonist.

Plot: 5/5
- I've seen plots with mirror worlds and such, but I found that this book was a creative and fresh take on the idea.